Ash Hill Academy students are offered over 50 enrichment sessions a week, starting at 2.30pm each day, after formal lessons have ended. These include creative clubs and curriculum catch-up lessons, for a wide variety of educational and fun activities.

TWITTER - Please check the Academy Twitter account for updates regarding Enrichment activities. Details of activity changes as well as praise will be posted.

Subject-based curriculum enrichments are offered by departments, with set afternoons for each session. Creative enrichments are offered by staff from across the academy, and include exciting new activities for students to widen their horizons. The timetable may change over time, so please check with staff for changes. A PDF version of the SUMMER 2017 Program is attached below.

N.B. You will need a PDF viewer to view the download. Adobe Acrobat Reader is feely available.


Y11 Intervention Schedule - from May 2017