Ethos, Vision and Values


We pride ourselves on having high expectations for our students, and is built upon effective partnerships between academy, students, families and the wider community. The need to create socially aware citizens is a key aspect of our work, achieved through Academy Values, which will become an integral part of a student’s learning at the academy.

We are fully inclusive. All students are dealt with as individuals, and plans are put in place to support their needs as and when this is appropriate.

Attendance at the academy has improved significantly since its opening, helping to raise standards of attainment and achievement. Students and their families are supported, in order to ensure that their well-being is at the forefront of the work that we do.

We operate a robust climate for learning policy, rewarding students for positive contribution, but also deals robustly with any issues that may arise. Our Anti-Bullying Policy is used effectively - parents and students are complimentary about the systems that are in place.

Vision and Values

On a daily basis, our vision and values underpin everything we are striving to achieve, for the benefit of all staff, students, and the community. We believe in the values of:

  • Commitment and Perseverance
  • Compassion, Empathy and Tolerance
  • Courtesy, Respect and Selflessness
  • Honesty, Fairness and Trust
  • Team Work
  • Safeguarding the welfare of our students and staff

We believe that by working together and living up to these values, we will give everyone the opportunity to achieve their potential, and that we will become a tolerant and supportive community, that enables everyone to develop as independent and responsible citizens.