Who’s who list of staff:

Mr G Ramage  (Leader of Technology)

Mr G Blackett

Miss J Mouncey

Mrs K Yates

Mrs J Smith (Technician)

Exam Boards:

AQA - website

WJEC - website

Edexcel - website

To enable students to combine their designing and making skills with knowledge and understanding of Design and Technology (D & T) in order to design and make quality products.

To encourage students to mature through the intellectual process of problem- solving and where appropriate, to apply knowledge and skills from other subjects particularly Science, Maths, Information Technology (IT), and Art and Design.

To encourage students' critical and aesthetic abilities by helping them to understand some of the effects and implications of both Design and Technology on the world in which we live - our domestic, commercial and industrial environments.


  • To demonstrate the importance of problem solving.
  • To encourage innovation by participation in National D&T competitions.
  • To practice safe procedures when using dangerous tools and equipment.

Details of Key Stage 3

All learners study  one period of Technology per week.
Small problem solving projects are undertaken including design and make activities in Food, Product Design and CAD/CAM. Learners apply the design process to problem solve each task. The projects allow for individual design and decision making whilst constraining other areas such as material choice, tools and equipment.

Details of Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5

Technology is an optional subject at Key Stage 4.
Year 9 Work leading towards GCSE is started.

Year 10/11 Theory and practical work for those who have opted to take the subject at GCSE.

Year 12 AS Level. Theory lessons continue as candidates undertake larger projects.

Year 13 A-Level. Candidates who opt to continue with the subject produce a major project and prepare for the written papers.



GCSE: AQA D&T - Options: Graphic Products, Resistant Materials Technology

GCSE: WJEC - Catering

BTEC: EDEXCEL – Engineering, Creative Media Production

AS/A2: EDEXCEL D&T - Marks are based on coursework assessment and examination.



Learners are taught to think for themselves, and to pose solutions to problems.

Creative and talented learners can express themselves in this subject.

AS/A-level D & T is accepted by all universities for entrance. It is valued as evidence of independent thought, and as a good foundation in subjects like engineering, product design, electronics or computing.