Views on our academy


At Ash Hill Academy we pride ourselves on gathering the views of parents, students and staff, in order that we continue to improve the opportunities that we offer.


What our students say…

“I enjoy my time at school and I have lots of opportunities to participate in a wide range of activities”

“We feel safe at the academy”

“The behaviour in the academy is much improved and I enjoy coming to school”

“The uniform and PE kit are ‘mint’”

What our parents say…

In a recent parent survey, the feedback we received is very positive with:

95% of parents/carers feel their child makes good progress at the academy

95% of parents/carers believe that their child is well taught at school

95% of parents/carers say their child is happy at school

96% of parents/carers state that their child feels safe at school

95% of parents/carers believe their child is well looked after at school

The staff at the academy are proud to work at both Ash Hill and within the Delta Academies Trust. The significant improvements made in the academy are due to the significant contribution of the staff since its inception.


What our visitors say...

"As part of my PGCE programme at York St John’s University I was required to arrange a few days placement in a secondary school. Ash Hill Academy was more than happy to accommodate me in allowing me to complete my placement there and to support me during the university appointed tasks.  ……… The whole school cohort is encouraged to work and support each other in every endeavour and genuinely care about each other’s welfare……. The school has a high level of consistence which spans across every area and is integral to the core principles which underpin the whole school ethos. …….. positive attitudes of the students, and their willingness to help each other and myself during my time at the school."

"K says he had a lot of fun and this is where he would like to come"

"A very good evening and school"

"Amazing and very useful"

"Thank you and well done to the children of Ash Hill"

"Very interesting and impressive, thank you"

"Really impressed, changed our view on the school"

"Really enjoyed it, couldn't get C from the PE Area"