17th May 2017

The School Nursing Team are available for confidential chats with students, regarding any medical concerns or issues, on specified days throughout the year.

The School Nursing Team will be available at Ash Hill Academy at lunchtimes on the following days:

Monday 12th June

Monday 26th June

Monday 10th July

In addition to those sessions, they will also be available for drop-in sessions at the Heathfield Centre next to the Academy, between 2.30pm and 3.30pm on the following days:

Wednesday 17th May

Wednesday 31st May

Wednesday 4th June

Wednesday 28th June

Wednesday 12th July

If attending a session at the Heathfield Centre, students are asked to take a seat in the waiting area as they arrive, and wait to be called by the school nurse.

For further information about the School Nursing Team and their services, please visit: