18th July 2017

This year our Sports Day will be held on Wednesday 19th July 2017. All students are required to attend in full PE Kit (not normal uniform), with the order of the day being:

08:20am - 08:25am Arrive at the academy and directed to first session

08:30am - 09:20am Session 1 - Carousel activities (students compete in Colleges and by Year group)

09:20am - 10:05am Session 2 - Carousel activities

10:05am - 10:15am Y7/8 Break and Y9/10 Form

10:15am - 10:25am Y9/10 Break and Y7/8 Form

10:25am - 11:10am Session 3 - Carousel activities

11:10am - 12:00pm Session 4 - Carousel activities

12:00pm - 12:30pm Y8/10 Lunch and Y7/9 Form

12:30pm - 01:00pm Y7/9 Lunch and Y8/10 Form

01:00pm - 02:30pm Athletics Finals

Students are reminded of the need to be on time to these sessions to ensure the smooth running of the day. 

Below is a schedule of the morning activities by Year Group and the seating for the afternoon Athletics Final:

We look forward to facilitating and supporting our students in their athletic/sporting successes!