6th July 2017

During Period 3 on Friday 7th July 2017, Year 7 assembled in the Auditorium for a presentation given by guest speakers from South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue.

The presentation was delivered by Community Fire Safety Officers Andy Hall and Charlie Fox, beginning with an introduction to the scenario and questions about student attendance at Crucial Crew workshops. The focus of the presentation was on Arson and Hoax Calls, which students had covered briefly at Crucial Crew, but were eager to share the knowledge about.

After the video scenario, students were then asked about character types amongst young people, along with the effects of peer pressure. This all fed into the warnings about starting fires, swimming in open water and how the Fire & Rescue service assign assets to incidents.

We would like to thank Andy, Charlie and the rest of South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue service for their valuable time and hope to only see them again at similar presentations.

A small selection of images from the presentation are below: