Teaching Staff:

Mrs K Whitter   (Leader of Art)

Mr C Deakes

Mrs T Page (Assistant Principal)

Associate Staff:

Mrs J Smith (Technician)


Exam Board:

AQA - website


Details of Key Stage 3

Two Year Key Stage Three

Year 7 and 8 are split into three theme-based projects running for 12 weeks each.

Year 7: The Introductory Year

The projects in Year 7 aim to give a broad introduction into as wide a variety of media, techniques and processes as possible. Introducing drawing, collage, painting, ceramic, lettering/graphics and critical studies through theme based projects, aiming to provide students with a base on which to build in Year 8.


Year 8: Consolidation

In Year 8 three further theme based projects designed to be more demanding, develop skills introduced in Year 7. Towards the end of year 8 projects attempt to extend students further to give the best chances of success in core skills. By the end of Year 8 students should have the skills and the confidence to tackle Key Stage 4 courses in Art and Design or Photography if they so wish.

Home-learning Key Stage 3

All Key Stage 3 Projects are supported by a creative Home Learning programme which encourages creativity outside of the art room. The home-learning projects are designed to promote literacy, creativity and encourage learners to work with their families and carers to support their home-learning.


Details of Key Stage 4


Work at GCSE is designed to comply with the AQA syllabus. This is a two Unit course. The syllabus for Art and Design is either Unendorsed Art & Design or Photography.

During the course learners are required to compile a folder of work consisting of three to four projects for coursework portfolio Unit 1. This is followed be an externally set assignment, including a 10 hour independent work period for Unit 2. The assessment criteria are the same for each unit but the coursework portfolio counts for 60% of the final mark and the exam counts for 40%.

Art and Design and Photography is an experience based, highly creative and personalised course. Learners will be given lots of opportunity to develop their own skills, ideas and themes whilst facing many interesting, creative challenges. We aim as a Department for all learners to learn positively through enjoyment of the subjects.

During all creative courses learners will be:

- Recording in a wide range of materials and techniques

- Exploring visual language

- Researching and developing resources

- Exploring personal responses to your own and set themes

- Creatively using visual media including digital media and computers

- Exploring contextual work from contemporary and historical sources

- Presenting your work to a high standard, applying your visual communication skills

Project Disciplines: The following skills may be covered during the study of the GCSE course; Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, Print making, 3-D Studies, Textiles, Digital Photography, Dark room practice.

Project Themes: The following project themes may be covered during the study of the GCSE course; Sea Life Vessels, Kandinsky, Messages, Diary, links, Old decayed and destroyed, Word and Image, West African Decoration, Reflections, Natural Forms, Movement.


Home-learning Key Stage Four       

Teachers should set Home-learning that relates directly to class projects as they develop. Home-learning will link to projects and will be set at the teacher’s discretion where it is relative to the needs of the learners. However, if homework is set it should be regular, weekly or bi-monthly to allow students to assume a home-learning routine and establish a clear expectation from their teacher in regards to the importance of home-learning tasks in supporting learning and project development. 



All GCSE Unit1 and Unit 2 work will be marked against the AQA syllabus Assessment Objective criteria.


Details of Key Stage 5

Key Stage Five

Art, Craft & Design and Photography: Post 16      

AS Level Art/Photography:

Structured around the AQA AS specification specialising in the broad based course of Art, Craft ad Design, the course aims to give a solid foundation in Year 12 to provide either a standalone qualification or the basis for further study onto the A2. The AS consists of two Units; Unit 1 Portfolio of Work and Unit 2 externally set assignment which is a 10 hour controlled test.

A2 Level Art/Photography:

The A2 consists of two Units; Unit 3 Portfolio of Work and a minimum of 1000 words based upon the work undertaken in this unit and Unit 4 externally set assignment. The A2 course culminates in an externally set assignment which incorporates a 15 hour controlled test.

All students will receive a brief document explaining each expected facet of the project and to which assessment objective they relate. During the Externally Set Assignments students will be expected to write their own brief document to enable them to plan their time effectively.


A Level Assessment       

All AS Unit1 and Unit 2 and all A2 Unit 3 and Unit 4 work will be marked against the AQA syllabus Assessment Objective criteria.