SEND Coordinator

Mrs Tomlinson can be contacted via the academy at or via telephone on 01302 562541

You can read the SEND Report and the SEND Policy on the Statutory Information.


At Ash Hill Academy, we pride ourselves on our commitment to working in partnership with pupils, parents, and other professionals. Our dedicated team works hard to ensure that any additional educational needs are well understood and addressed. Most additional educational needs are met within the classroom through high-quality teaching and reasonable adjustments. Whilst for some pupils, targeted intervention and more personalised support is important. We have high expectations of all pupils and will endeavour to remove barriers to learning to ensure everyone can reach their potential and embrace all aspects of school life. 


In addition to quality first teaching and classroom support, the academy offers a range of provisions and bespoke interventions to fully support pupils with additional needs in the Zone, Personalised Learning Centre, Learning Resource Centre, and the Bridge areas. All pupils with Special Educational Needs have access to specialist resources where necessary.  This may include Teaching Assistant time, small group interventions, one to one intervention sessions and specialist materials (including computer software).  As a modern building our school is fully compliant with the Disability and Discrimination Act. 

The SEND Team

All teachers are teachers of pupils with special educational needs or disabilities (SEND). They plan lessons taking into account the individual needs and abilities of all pupils within their teaching groups and liaise closely with the SEND team.

Within the SEND team we also have the following dedicated specialists:

  • Mrs Tomlinson is our Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENDCo)
  • Miss Davison is our Assistant Special Educational Needs Coordinator (Assistant SENDCo). 

Both can be contacted at the school and are able to answer any questions you may have. Ms Cartwright is our SEND governor. 

Introducing the Team

Mrs Tomlinson – SENDCO – 01302 562541

Ms Whiteley – Aspiring SENDCO

Ms Davison – Assistant SENDCO

Ms Scorer – Higher Level Teaching Assistant – Intervention Lead – TEXT Help Champion

Mrs Richardson – Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Ms Liddle – Higher Level Teaching Assistant – LRC Manager and Text Help Champion

Ms Barge – Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Parsons – Learning Support Assistant

Mr Parsons – Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Laming – Learning Support Assistant

Ms Wisniewska – Learning Support Assistant

Ms Carey – Learning Support Assistant

Ms Shaw – Learning Support Assistant

Ms Wakeham – Learning Support Assistant

Ms Gourley – Learning Support Assistant