Who’s who list of staff :

Mr D Seddon (Leader of MFL)

Mrs A Callaghan (Vice Principal)

Exam Board:

Edexcel - website

Details of Key Stage 3

Students study French  during Key Stage 3. They cover the skills required to progress to GCSE level, reading, writing, speaking and listening and cover a broad range of topics. Topics covered include: talking about yourself, talking about your family, describing everyday items at home and school and describing hobbies and interests.

Details of Key Stage 4

GCSE – French and German

We cover the Edexcel French and German GCSE courses and extend the skills which students have begun to develop at Key Stage 3. Students complete speaking and listening tests as well as tests focused on the reading and writing skills needed for their chosen language. Students study a wide range of topics including: media, holidays and food, family and relationships, health and the world of work.